研究ers from MIT and elsewhere have studied the mind of polyglots and uncovered how language-specific regions of the brain respond to different and familiar languages, 报道娜塔莉亚梅萨 科学. The researchers found that “the activity in the brain’s language network fluctuated based on how well participants understood a language. 语言越熟悉,反响越大。”梅萨写道. 但有一个例外:当参与者听到他们的母语时, 他们的语言网络实际上比听到其他熟悉的语言时更安静.”


访问科学家Judah Cohen接受采访 波士顿.com 记者伊莱·柯文讲述了如何结合更准确的数据收集, 精确的天气模型, and accessible forecast predictions make it unlikely that Massachusetts residents would be surprised again by a storm like the infamous Blizzard of ‘78. “卫星, 船只, 气象站, 用于整合和吸收所有数据的气象气球比过去好得多,科恩说.


金融时报》教授,. Daron Acemoglu and his co-authors explore their research demonstrating that “the biggest shift when a chief executive with a business degree takes charge is a decline in wages and the share of revenues going to labor.” Acemoglu and his co-authors note that while many business schools have updated their offerings to include more ethics courses, they emphasize the importance of “being aware of what managers with business degrees used to do is an important step in reflecting on how we can build better programs.”


教授. CSAIL主任Daniela Rus接受了采访 科普 记者夏洛特·胡介绍人工智能领域, 解释人工智能的区别, 机器人和机器学习, 探索人工智能的未来. “(人工智能算法)做非凡事情的速度比巴黎人会员登录快得多. But the way to think about it is that they’re tools that are supposed to augment and enhance how we operate,罗斯说. “和其他工具一样,这些解决方案本身没有好坏之分. 它们取决于巴黎人会员登录选择如何对待它们.”


研究 scientist Mary Knapp and her collaborators are working on a concept for The Great Observatory for Long Wavelengths (Go-LoW), 由小型卫星组成的太空天文台,目的是使低频无线电波可见, 阿什利·斯特里克兰德为美国有线电视新闻网报道. “在我读本科的时候,我就知道有一部分光谱是巴黎人会员登录看不到的,纳普解释道. “这真的让我震惊,宇宙中还有这个未被探索的部分, 我想探索一下这个问题 第一次看到天空的一部分.”


教授. David Hsu speaks with 更大 reporter Paula Moura about the importance of providing equitable access to electric vehicle charging stations. “城市当然应该为每个人提供平等的服务,”徐说. “这样做有障碍, 但政府的工作就是为每个人克服这些障碍.”


MIT researchers devised a new way to arrange LED pixels to create screens with a much higher resolution than is currently possible, 报告 《巴黎人会员登录》. 新技术, 其中包括堆叠微型led, 也可以用来制作“比现在更逼真的VR图像?.”


校长莎莉·科恩布鲁斯,教务长辛西娅·巴恩哈特和校长梅丽莎·诺布尔斯与 波士顿电台 主持人Tiziana Dearing谈到了女性和STEM中代表性不足群体的重要性. “让女性担任领导层最重要的一点不仅仅是带来多元化的视角, but honestly being role models so that girls see that there is a possibility for them to be doing the kind of high-tech, 巴黎人入口所做的大量研究,Kornbluth说. 


教授. 胡安·帕拉西奥斯采访到 《巴黎人会员登录》 记者海伦娜·霍顿讲述了空气污染是如何导致国际象棋选手出错的. “巴黎人会员登录发现,当个人暴露在更高水平的空气污染中, 他们会犯更多错误, 他们会犯更大的错误,帕拉西奥斯说.


巴黎人入口学院的研究人员开发了一种自动驾驶汽车 “mini sensors to allow it to see the world and also with an artificially intelligent computer brain that can allow it to drive,博士后助理亚历山大·阿米尼解释道 在一次采访中 Mashable. “Our autonomous vehicles are able to learn directly from humans how to drive a car so they can be deployed and interact in brand new environments that they’ve never seen before,阿米尼说.



多媒体艺术家Erin Genia SM ' 19,他是Dakota, Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate的注册成员, 通过她的艺术作品解决气候变化和制度性种族主义等社会问题.

《巴黎人会员登录》," on view at the List Visual Arts Center brings together over a dozen international artists whose work prompts us to reexamine our human relationships to the planet’s biosphere through the lens of symbiosis, 或者“与生活在一起”.”

莎莉Kornbluth, 巴黎人入口学院第18任校长, 来到她位于巴黎人入口学院校园的办公室,并向社区成员致意.

MIT MechE innovates the traditional Mechanics and Materials II class by exposing students to leading-edge concepts of nanotechnology, nanomechanics, 和超材料.

他的口袋里有十一种语言, rising senior Kinan Martin uses computer science and neuroscience to untangle the complexity of languages and the brain at the Natural Language Processing group in the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile.

当维护需要巴黎人入口学院排干泽西格中心的教学池时, 他们把最后几个小时的水留给狗. 汪!